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Help put an end to this lawsuit abuse by sharing your story. Please use this form to share information about:

The type of vehicle fleet you operate:

we want to make sure lawmakers understand that any company vehicle with a logo on it is at risk.

Stories about egregious and abusive lawsuits:

if you have been sued in an abusive lawsuit, lawmakers need to hear about it. Please provide as many details as you can (circumstances of the accident, alleged damage, any information about the plaintiff’s alleged medical expenses, final settlement/judgement against you).

Stories demonstrating increased insurance costs:

whether you have been sued or not, lawmakers need to understand how this is affecting the commercial vehicle insurance market. How much have your insurance premiums and deductibles increased in the last 2-10 years? Have you made any claims against your insurance? How has this increased cost affected your business? Have you had to increase prices, reduce employee benefits, lay off employees, shrink operations, etc?

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